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Vietnamese Technology

Vietnamese people are very smart, and so would be able to make a lot of technology, obviously.

Great inventions from the Vietnamese are:

  • The ATM
  • A wheelchair controlled by thoughts.
  • Nano Technology
  • Smarter engines
  • Efficient water conservation technology
  • Introduction

    Vietnam has been in a state of turmoil multiple times in the past century, due to conflicts like the Vietnam War. But good has come out of it, and many well-known and well-received inventions have come out of the greatest minds of the country. This website explores the greatest technological marvels of the Vietnamese

    The ATM

    The ATM has been around for years, and is now a staple in everyday life. Used to get money out of an account or card in a pinch, the ATM has saved countless shopping trips. The father of the ATM is Do Duc Chang, a senior specialist in the US Citibank. The ATM was designed by him for the sole purpose of bringing more customers to the bank, and th make it easier for people to access their money. It is considered a breakthrough in banking history, and has improved vastly since then.

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    Cleaner motorcycle engines

    One of the primary ways to get around Vietnam is via motorcycle. There are around