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Art Forms

  • Neolithic art {Wikipedia}
  • Terracotta pieces used to imprint decoration patterns on cloth Pottery dating to the Stone Age (c. 8000 BCE) has been found in Bac Son, Vietnam. This pottery was made from clay, and in its beginnings was largely basic and lacking any artistic flare. Moving into the neolithic era, however, Vietnamese pottery and ceramics started to develop rapidly, showing signs of decor.

  • Bronze Age art {Halong Bay Tours}
  • Moving to the Bronze Age (1,000 BC to the 4th century BC), Vietnamese Fine Art highly developed with the renowned Dong Son Culture in Northern Vietnam. Dong Son Culture is famous worldly for mastered bronze-casting skills that create the Dong Son drums on which decoration are geometric patterns and vivid pictures of the daily life. More specially, images on these drums showed that people were wearing weaving cloth with complicated patterns on.